Vintage Floral Dresses

In the last few years I found myself with a slight addiction to floral dresses. My mom used to wear the most beautiful floral dresses when I was growing up, and I guess I picked that up some how. That said, the fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment. In fact, it is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry. And the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows.

However, there are solutions and alternatives to mitigate these problems. The first step lies in building awareness and willingness to change. The second step is to buying less. Fashion became a disposable expense and many pieces of clothing find themselves in landfillds at the end of their short life. The third is, when you do get that strong urge to go shopping, buy vintage! There are more then enough cloths in the world from previous generations with amazing style and charm, that were made with top notch quality, and with the thought of having them last for generations.

Trying my best to always be aware of the negative affects the fashion industry has on the environment, along with my love to vintage fashion, got me into collection floral vintage dresses. Here is a small taste of a few.