Fairy Dried Flowers Barrette
Fairy Dried Flowers Barrette
Fairy Dried Flowers Barrette

Fairy Dried Flowers Barrette

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This amazing dried flowers barrette comes on a metal base with brass leaves serving as a background, in either 14k gold, rose gold or silver plated brass. The barrette is of a strong and durable French quality.

Each one is a true one of a kind. This piece could be custom ordered to include the colors of your choosing.

Guaranteed to add a fresh wave of a wild bohemian vibe to any look. Would last months and even years if kept in a cool dry place when not being used. The cool thing about this little beauty, is that since the dried flowers are connected to a gold/rose gold/silver plated barrette base with matching leaves soldered onto it, even if the dried flowers break a bit over time or become dull- we got you covered. Instead of that ruining the barrette, it will actually expose a new type of a beautiful piece. So this barrette is a true keeper for life, regardless of what ends up happening to the dried flowers over the years. In the last photo you can see what the barrette looks like before putting on the dried flowers.

Length approximately: 12-14 cm/ 5-5.5 inch

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