Small Angel Wing Hair Prong
Small Angel Wing Hair Prong
Small Angel Wing Hair Prong
Small Angel Wing Hair Prong

Small Angel Wing Hair Prong

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This is stunning, unique and detailed Angel wing hair prong. The wing is soldered securely on the prong.

The angel wing symbolizes protection, purity, courage, love, and harmony. This piece is meant to carry that energy.

Beautiful and useful at the same time, it will hold all your hair up in a bun, or just half you hair for a messy laid back hairdo. You can use it also to make a French twist. This little guy will be your savior in any given bad hair day, when you just have to throw it up- put in minimum time and effort, get maximum results.

It’s used the same way you use a pencil or a chop stick to pick up your hair- first of all you twist your hair into a bun, second- you take the stick, and you start by pushing it from below into the upper corner of the bun. Then, by turning the prong 90 degrees toward the scalp, and pushing it down as close to the scalp as possible, you get a stable and elegant updo.

Check out the tutorial:


Prong: 3 inch length

Wing: 2 inch long

* Choose between 14k gold, rose gold or silver plated brass.
* Comes wrapped in a beautiful gift bag.
* Items marked preorder will take 4-12 weeks to create.

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