Hawaii Flower Hair Pin
Hawaii Flower Hair Pin
Hawaii Flower Hair Pin

Hawaii Flower Hair Pin

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This stunning floral hair pin has a single detailed flower soldered on a 4 prong hair pin, along with a fresh water pearl in the center.

Beautiful and useful at the same time, to add an extra charm to a messy updo or a tidy one, what ever you're in the mood for. You can secure it to a bun or you can hold half of your hair up with it.

Its used in the same way you use a pencil or a chop stick to pick up your hair- first of all, you twist your hair into a bun, second- you take the pin, and you start by pushing it from below into the upper corner of the bun. Then, by turning the stick 90 degrees toward the scalp, and by pushing it down into the roots, you get a stable and elegant updo.

Measurements: approximately 3 inch long

* Comes wrapped in a beautiful gift bag.
* Available in either 14k gold, rose gold or silver plated brass.

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