Dainty Fall Wreath
Dainty Fall Wreath
Dainty Fall Wreath
Dainty Fall Wreath

Dainty Fall Wreath

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This beautiful wreath is based on a flexible wire so it is very comfortable to wear. It has lots of little leaves soldered to it all the way through. Attached at each end is a strand of vegan suede (out of love and respect for animals).

You could also enjoy it as a back wreath by removing the straps, and using bobby pins to secure it to your hair.

If you decide to wear it in the front you can achieve a magical hairdo by twisting strands of hair around the straps in the back, so only the front leaves are showing and you get a stunning half or full updo in the back.

Length: 30cm

* comes in a cute gift packaging.
* Could be requested in either 14k gold, rose gold or silver plated brass.

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