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Cherry Dream Wreath
Cherry Dream Wreath

Cherry Dream Wreath

This super flexible tiara is made out of a bendable and adjustable metal wire, decorated all along with cherries and leaves, all made out of 24 karat gold plated brass. At the ends there are two strands of faux suede and it could be tied over the hair, across the forehead or even as a belt!

You can even take off the straps and bend it to sit well and fit the back of your head or the side perfectly, or even around a bun, by securing it with two bobby pins through each loop on the end for extra support.

This piece is promised to get you lots of compliments!

Length: 30cm

* Strands could be replaces to white or cream satin strands.
* Could be requested in silver or rose gold.
* Could be fastened with bobby pins instead of the fabric straps.