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Berries Hair Chain.
Berries Hair Chain.

Berries Hair Chain.


This lovely hair chain made out of a double chain, along with two delicate clips decorated each with berries and leaves, one on each side, all 24 karat gold pleated brass. You can wear it in the front of the hair, wear it in the back of the hair, wear it on the side or even across your forehead. Flip some hair into the clip or hide the clip inside the hair- Does not really matter how you decide to wear it, as long as your innovative and you figure out your own special way to put it on.

The clips are "made in France" superb quality.

Could be worn in the front, in the back or on the side. Just use your imagination.

* Chain length: 12 inch / 30 cm.
* Comes in a pretty gift box/ a beautiful gift bag.
* Could be requested in silver or rose gold.

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