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Braided Chain Wreath
Braided Chain Wreath

Braided Chain Wreath

The stunning yet dainty hair piece consists of a few chains and and strand of crystals, all braided together to create a sturdy magical wreath. The chain is tied at the end with two faux suede straps (out of love and respect for animals) that come in different shades of brown in order to blend into the hair. The straps could be changed to white or cream satin straps.

This piece will look so elegant and romantic. Wear it across your forehead, as a wreath or as a normal headband. Other uses you can get out of it is using it as a necklace or a belt. You can decorate yourself with it on your wedding day or any special event where some magical glitter is needed, and that could include also just normal days when you want to feel special.

The wreath comes with clear crystals, but could be specially requested to have instead of clear crystals colourful ones such as purple, or colourful stones such as green or turquoise, or even pearl like stones.

Length: 31cm/ 12inch

* Comes in a pretty gift wrap.

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